I had a great time at this year's 
Phoenix Comic Fest
I met a lot of readers and gave away a lot of 
signed paperback copies.
See you next year!
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The Jake Roberts Novels

“The exceptional thing about the Jake Roberts Novels is the emotive and human touch that is given to the main characters. By leaning towards the fallible side of his characters, Stone imbues them with a real-world presence, demonstrating diversity in thought and execution that fans of the genre will find enthralling. He delivers cunning and well-executed plot twists that are served timely as he skillfully penetrates the enigma of lives irrevocably tinged by the detritus of evil. Each book is a taut and compelling read. The Jake Roberts Novels are a graphic murder mystery series with real depth that judiciously avoids the many trite stereotypes that dominate popular crime thrillers. Working one's way into the mind of a serial killer is a trying obstacle for many writers, but doing it so well shows Stone has an impressive gift for extremely intense moments of literary brilliance that readers expect from the best in the genre. He entirely absorbs the reader in order to deliver the thrill, but by blurring the lines of justice, Stone sows the seeds for some serious reflection, in what proves to be a puzzle worthy of the most demanding armchair sleuths. Det. Jake Roberts rates alongside Patterson's Alex Cross and Robinson's Inspector Banks, a detective to rival Morse, Rebus, and Frost.”