Cary Allen Stone is a brilliant writer of psychological thrillers and murder mysteries. He writes with a keen eye for detail–the graphic violence is chillingly realistic. He delivers a taut, darkly introspective, cunning, and well-executed plot by leaning towards the fallible side of his characters. He understands the criminal mind avoiding the stereotypes that dominate crime thrillers. There is a good balance of chemistry and conflict, good and evil that fans will find enthralling.

His characters become embedded in our psyches and the pace of his unraveling of his thriller is a ride not easily forgotten. Working one's way into the mind of a serial killer is a trying obstacle for many writers, but doing it so well, and doubling the stakes by shaping the plot around a second murderer shows Stone has an impressive gift for constructing complex and intricate detective stories.

Stone makes us care about both good and evil characters to the point that when the revelations began to come out and the plot holes are filled in, you are torn as to how you should feel. This is one story that will not leave me anytime soon.

Each Jake Roberts Novel has a certain element of Hannibal Lector meets Sherlock feel to the interactions between characters. It makes for extremely intense moments of literary brilliance.

An author must entirely absorb the reader to deliver the thrill. Stone's Jake Roberts Novels deliver. The Jake Roberts Novels have real depth that judiciously avoids trite stereotypes of other popular crime thrillers and they have all the elements readers expect from the best in the genre.

AFTER THE EVIL The Jake Roberts Series, Book 1

“After the Evil by Cary Allen Stone is another in his exciting series of crime-based fiction surrounding the actions and reflections of his protagonist, policeman Jake Roberts. Cary Allen Stone introduces a lot of characters, including the perpetrator, within the first 10-15 pages of the book. Each of the characters grabs the reader from the get-go. Some readers may find themselves a bit confused by this quick onslaught of characters, wondering who all these people are and where this is all going. But Stone pulls them all together very neatly as the story unfolds into one of those books you just can't put down. Jake and his dedicated group of policemen, led by the talented and beautiful FBI profiler, Mika, take us down a trail of murder, mutilation, sexual aberrations, abuse, romance and misogyny that still has you thinking about what happened once After the Evil is finished.

While readers may initially feel a bit disoriented by tense changes and unexpected switches between first-and third-person narration, they will get used to hearing Jake interrupting the narration of events. Well thought out characters and lots of twists and turns as the police desperately try to find a nasty serial killer keep readers turning the pages and leave them wondering what will happen in Cary Allen Stone's next thriller. Readers will also appreciate the realistic look the author gives into human nature. Allen is superb at showing that none of us is all evil or all good: even the killer is lovable, despite insane ... all good reasons for picking up After the Evil by Cary Allen Stone.”

MIND OVER MURDER The Jake Roberts Series, Book 2

“Mind Over Murder by Cary Allen Stone is part of the Jake Roberts novel series. Although I haven’t read the other books in the series, this one was easy to follow. Detective Jake Roberts takes custody of Lori Powers, a serial killer who had fled to Europe, and Roberts’ past lover. Roberts is full of conflicting feelings about the case, but there is little time to fret over them. A new serial killer is on the loose, obsessed with Lori and murdering Detective Roberts. Jared Hamilton is a genius, but has been constantly searching for ways to expand his repertoire of dastardly deeds. Lori and Detective Roberts provide the ideal challenge. Will Roberts manage to untangle the mystery in time to save Lori and himself?

I found Mind Over Murder to be a straight forward novel. I liked the changing perspectives, but I found the different tenses a bit jarring. There were times where the novel changed perspective mid-section, and I had to read back to figure out who it was, Jake or Jared. Aside from this, I did very much enjoy the overall premise of the novel. Having the serial killer's perspective is always interesting to me, and Jared was definitely a twisted individual. You could see Jake's struggles as well as he came to terms with Lori's capture and imprisonment. The story kept on moving until the end, still leaving it open for a potential future novel involving Jake Roberts. Mind Over Murder by Cary Allen Stone worked well as a standalone, but perhaps I might have had a better insight to Jake Roberts had I read the other books. Still, it was a solid novel and kept my interest.”

AFTER THE GOODE The Jake Roberts Series, Book 3

“After the Goode is Cary Allen Stone’s first novel since living in Arizona. He continues to incorporate his surroundings into his writing, since he writes what he knows. The reader gets a complete picture of Atlanta, or in this case, Phoenix, airplanes, flying, comedy clubs, and the human condition. I thoroughly enjoyed creating a picture in my mind of the surroundings in the book. I also enjoyed reading detailed police procedure, something else that the author does extremely well. It is very evident that Stone spends a great deal of time researching his material before beginning to write.

As a reader, I know and love Stone’s lead character, Jake Roberts. I look forward to each new novel with excitement rivaling the release of Apple’s newest iPhone! In After the Goode, readers are treated to a plethora of new characters. Phoenix Police Department’s Wynter Williams and her father, comedian Bobby Goode, airline pilot and Jake’s best friend, Fred, Fred’s loving supportive girlfriend, Andrea, are all new to the mix. I’ve had a difficult time deciding which new character I enjoy most. I really find the relationship between Fred and Jake so special. What a beautiful friendship. It leaves the reader wishing that they had a best friend just like that. I can't think of any real people I like as well as Stone's characters. The events of this book will leave readers wondering how many new scars Jake’s psyche can withstand. Be ready for an emotional and exhilarating ride.” 

AFTER THE KILL The Jake Roberts series, Book 4

“In author Cary Allen Stone's latest installment in his Jake Roberts series, After the Kill, readers will again be treated to a stellar thriller that will keep them engaged from the very first page all the way through until the end. When the story begins, Jake encounters a veteran at the airport who seems to be going through a psychotic break down and is killing many who cross his path. Jake's great friend is wounded, and Jake needs to act to keep others from being harmed. But just when Jake thinks he might be able to give a sigh of relief, a new serial killer makes an appearance on the scene, and it appears that his unique skill set will be desperately needed to help solve the crimes before more victims are claimed. Will Jake be able to bring the criminal in, or will he become a target himself? You'll need read the book to find out!

I very much enjoyed After the Kill. Author Cary Allen Stone has done a great job in creating interesting and engaging characters, especially the main character, Jake Roberts, and his readers will continue to think about them long after the book is finished, a true hallmark of a talented author. The story line is crisp and fast paced, and will have readers on the edge of their seats throughout. Any reader who enjoys thrillers, or just an exciting read of fiction, should absolutely read After the Kill. I am pleased to recommend this book, and look forward to reading more from author Cary Allen Stone as soon as I possibly can! 

AFTER YOU’RE DEAD The Jake Roberts Series, Book 5 

After You're Dead is a serial killer thriller novel written by Cary Allen Stone. While this is the fifth book in the series, the author gives enough background information for this novel to be read on its own. Jake is back home and ready to enjoy a meal out with his staff and friends when Pablo, a longtime friend, appears desperate for his help. Pablo runs the MexiKings, a gang with properties in the United States that assists illegal aliens with their assimilation into the United States. Jake and Pablo had fought the Taliban together, and Jake would do anything to help Pablo get his wife, Alana, back from El Mencho, who had kidnapped her in an attempt to force Pablo to use his MexiKings for his illegal drugs business in the US. El Mencho, a brutal and despotic man, has a new ally in his campaign of terror. Richard Graham, a sociopathic serial killer who cannibalizes his victims, has escaped from Broadmoor, left his native England behind, and joined forces with El Mencho. Will Jake and Pablo succeed in freeing Alana before she becomes Richard's next victim?

Stone's serial killer thriller novel, After You're Dead: A Jake Roberts Novel, Book 5, is an exciting, action-packed story that pits the iconic Jake Roberts against a Mexican drug lord and a sadistic, cannibal escapee from Broadmoor, a high-security forensic hospital in England. This is the first of the Jake Roberts Novels that I've read, but I found myself quickly brought up to date on what happened earlier in the series. That said, I would suggest thriller fans read the books in the series in order. The author puts a lot into the interpersonal relationships between Jake and the people who comprise his extended family, and that bonding is an important aspect of these books. Fans of Thomas Harris' unforgettable Hannibal Lecter will be, most likely, as intrigued by Richard Graham as I was. Stone's story is fast-paced and filled with twists and turns that keep the suspense mounting.” 


Stealing Atlanta by Cary Allen Stone is quite an adventure. The plot conceived by Brandon Wood was to rob the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta, hide the crime, take the proceeds, buy an island and establish their own nation called Freeland. Not just anyone could visit, and there was no extradition to the United States. The result would be their own version of paradise. Would it be possible?
Stealing Atlanta provided me with more than a few laugh out loud moments. To begin with, Stone’s character names are fantastical and funny. The cast includes: Portend Ulysses Buford, the backslapping ‘good old boy’ Federal Reserve Bank chairman. Lovable Brandon Wood. Brilliant and sexy astrophysicist, Summer Daze. Mysty Rayne, gorgeous demolition expert and former Navy Seal, and her friend, former Navy Seal and computer expert, Crackhead. Smooth, a legendary con man and lady’s man. Sal Regurgitante, mega killer. Plus, Russian Mafia figures complete with crazy names as well.

Stealing Atlanta is cheekily and glibly written. One of my favorite scenes was of the Buckhead society ladies complete with their artificial tans, teetering drunkenly on 5-inch heels, dropping their purses and releasing a load of Xanax and Valium while at the Art for Life Gala. I felt like I was present watching it occur. I also loved the description of one of Buford’s pranks where he loosened the bolt on an office chair, and one of his flunkies, Squeaky, flew into the credenza headfirst. I could just see it happening. As an Atlanta native, I always enjoy reading about my city. I was able to follow the team’s trail throughout the city. It made the book more realistic. I loved the book!”

SEEDS The Journey Begins 

“Refreshing change of pace from all-too-familiar sci-fi plots.” 

“I enjoyed being inside this unique ‘world’ and liked the way it felt frighteningly true-to-life.” 

“The story impressed me with Stone’s thorough world-building, and sheer creativeness.” 

 “Stone has amazing ideas, and meshes known theories with his own.” 

"The depth of this work of science fiction surprises me that it is the author's first published piece in this genre. The first half of the book was filled with the enlightenment of a scientific age in which the best of their field had carte blanche to aid space exploration and colonization. However, in the race to save humanity, it is not all celebration. Not only is there an analytical perspective in this story, but a strong emotional one. It stimulates the mind and tugs at the heart. Though it is a work of fiction, it gives a frightening insight of a future that some fear can come true.” 

“Seeds: The Journey Begins is the type of science fiction story which made me first became enthralled by the genre. The plot concerns big problems which must be solved for the sake of all humanity. Scientists are the heroes because only scientists can solve these problems. Seeds points to a future where humans get a chance to start over. They can only take advantage of this chance if they work together and give it their very best. There is a real message here. It is more than an inconvenient problem when you have ruined your home planet.

“I like the characters in Seeds. They are mostly the smart, heroic, problem solving types that Robert Heinlein made so popular in the '60s. They are scientists and engineers that can get things done, but they can also be childish and petty enough to stand in the way of progress. There are a lot of characters in Seeds and Cary Allen Stone conveys very well that feeling of a lot of people working on a huge problem. Seeds is around two hundred and forty pages long, but it reads much quicker than that because of the many stories inside the main story. I like the plot. It is a classic. It is something that we may very well end up having to do if we can’t learn to be more responsible stewards of Planet Earth.” 

SEEDS The Journey Continues 

Seeds: The Journey Continues by Cary Allen Stone is a continuation of a science fiction adventure that takes place on Saturn’s second-largest moon, Titan. Just as humanity on earth was about to destroy itself with all-out nuclear war, now known as World War Last, the explorers of Seeds took off on their journey to ensure the continuation of humanity. Setting up their first base on Titan, the team has worked hard at adapting to the difficult conditions of space and continuing the survival of the human race. When they receive a distress call from the former Russian base on Mars, there is much discussion about whether to respond but ultimately their compassion wins and a team heads to Mars to help their Russian comrades. They discover a Russian base destroyed by a space virus and only one survivor left. The Russian commander blames the Chinese base on the other side of Mars for the virus attack and the Titan inhabitants prepare for an attack by their Chinese colleagues. Even after the destruction of Earth, it seems that cultural politics and distrust may still be the ruling paradigm, even deep in outer space. Can the fledgling Titan experiment survive this new threat and continue to carry humanity’s hopes into the future?

I like a good science fiction novel and author Cary Allen Stone has given us that in Seeds. I hadn’t read the first installment and it definitely is not necessary. It was easy to quickly pick up the threads of relationships and history through the author’s thoughtful side inputs and the characters' conversations. I prefer science fiction that isn’t too technical and concentrates more on story than on technology and this book fills the brief. I feel more peripheral character development would have been nice, although certainly the main three characters were given plenty of “screen-time” and we got to know them well. I enjoyed the posing of big questions and the dilemmas faced by the Commander of the Titan base when faced with almost certain obliteration of their dream. The emotional responses of the crew members were real and gripping and the author does well in describing a society just one step removed from our own, with human beings full of great intentions but still beset by human frailties and emotions. I note that this is not the end and that the story continues. If the author’s intention was to get the reader invested in what happens next, his goal was achieved. I look forward to continuing this adventure.” 


“This has to be one of the most poignant heart-wrenching books I have ever read. A woman so driven to protect her child she takes his life. We often hear about women who murder their children, and those of us mothers cannot understand how someone can do that, but the truth of the matter is it is all in this book.”